12, Al-Wasiyya

Title: Al-Wasiyya, The Advice of the Esteemed Scholar Muwaffiq ad-Deen Ibn Qudaama al-Maqdisee
Publisher: Turath Publishing (November 2008, to appear)
Language: English linguistic communication (translated from Arabic)
Pages: Not certain of the in conclusion version, precisely it’s non long at all

An inspiring read. After a bad few weeks, I bring similar a shot got myself dorsum to praying Fajr inward the Masjid in addition to staying awake afterwards Fajr, al7amdulillah, in addition to this curt mass was indeed an influencing factor.

Composed of 3 sections (Hastening to Act; Things Which Undermine Good Deeds; Watchfulness in addition to Fear), this mass is an first-class slice of advice total of touching sayings in addition to examples from scholars that bring preceded us inward excellence, may Allah hold out pleased amongst them in addition to may He acknowledge us amongst them, despite our vast shortcomings, inward the Gardens of Eternity.

When yous larn (and read!) this mass (insha-Allah yous do!), await out inward detail for the isle metaphor illustrating this footing in addition to its people. Phenomenally uncomplicated in addition to effective maa sha Allah!
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