Fourth of July Read: For Love & Liberty past times Alyssa Cole

Please welcome to , invitee author Alyssa Cole! She’s hither to celebrate July quaternary amongst us! Enjoy!

I’ve spent the bulk of my life living on what was the major staging solid seat down for perchance the most of import nation of war inwards America’s history: the American Revolution. The names inwards our Social Studies books were familiar from local maps too route signage: Paulus Hook, Trenton, Brooklyn, Saratoga. In junior high, our course of pedagogy trip was a see to Philadelphia, where nosotros took pictures of the cracked Liberty Bell on 35-mm cinema (Zack Morris was the alone educatee amongst a cellular telephone dorsum then, much less a digital camera) too learned virtually Benjamin Franklin. My course of pedagogy was made upwards of a really various grouping of students, but all of the historical figures nosotros learned virtually had 1 affair inwards common: they were white. The alone people who looked similar us were the slaves too Native Americans used every bit ornamentation inwards the backgrounds of portraits.

Not seeing whatever reflection of myself inwards this aspect of history led to a variety of disconnectwhile I yet enjoyed learning virtually the war, Independence Day was to a greater extent than virtually hamburgers too hot dogs than historical reflection. I mean, people similar me weren’t a exercise of that America…or were we? As an adult, freed from a curriculum that tries to crush hundreds of years into digestible tidbits too isn’t overly concerned amongst diversity, I discovered a newfound dear of history too realized how incorrect I was. Because I’m a romance writer, I was fascinated past times what else could receive got been happening for the many dissimilar types of people who lived during the Revolutionary War, but whose stories were never told. The men too women who chose to partake inwards the nation of war must receive got been fighting for something; they must receive got had promise for something better, only every bit our Founding Fathers did.

A few other writers felt the same way, too nosotros joined together to write For Love & Liberty: Untold Love stories of the American Revolution. The stories are ready inwards New York during the Revolution too follow the paths of iv really dissimilar yoke who all seek love, every bit good every bit freedom, during the uncertain fourth dimension earlier America finally gained its independence.

This July 4th volition sure enough live to a greater extent than than fireworks too fun for me. It volition live a remembrance of the people, all of the people, who worked to brand sure that America was indeed the province of the free.
About For Love & Liberty

FOR LOVE & LIBERTY: Untold Love Stories of the American Revolution is an anthology that looks at historical romance through a to a greater extent than colorful lens. Four romance authors receive got come upwards together to introduce tales of passion too patriotism that divulge the really various threads that run through the tapestry of American history.

In BE NOT AFRAID past times Alyssa Cole, a dark Patriot captured past times the British falls inwards dear amongst a headstrong runaway determined to acquire out the colonies…while a wounded British soldier discovers the healing ability of dear inwards the arms of a gentle native adult woman inwards H5N1 SWEET SURRENDER past times Lena Hart…in REBELS AT HEART past times Kate McMurray, 2 men must brand difficult choices if they are to rest together when nation of war arrives on the shores of their habitation inwards New York City…at last, inwards HOME past times Stacey Agdern, a immature Jewish yoke must produce upwards one’s heed what tin concur them together earlier nation of war too geography tear them apart.

About Alyssa Cole

Alyssa Cole is a Brooklyn-based scientific discipline editor, popular civilization nerd, too romance junkie. She is the author of the romantic suspense novel, Eagle’s Heart, too the erotic brusque Sweet to the Taste. She has late begun to dabble inwards historical romance; her commencement short, a Revolutionary War romance, tin live flora inwards the anthology For Love & Liberty. In add-on to writing, she hosts a romance mass gild too teaches romance writing at the Jefferson Market Library inwards NYC. When she’s non busy traveling too learning French, she tin live flora watching truthful cat videos on the Internet amongst her existent life romance hero.