Hogmany 2015

Hogmany 2015! 

May your New Year’s Day include a Highlander or at LEAST a Highlander majority boyfriend.  

Why non brand your New Year’s Resolution to read more?  And past times reading more, I hateful starting alongside a Highlander Hunk similar Macrath?  Who doesn’t desire a Highlander that is Hot as well as is practiced at Games?

Check out Highland Hunger past times Eliza Knight

An unclaimed province inwards the Scottish isles is ruled past times the manlike someone as well as woman someone victors inwards a serial of state of war games every 5 years. Named Chief as well as Lady of the land, they dominion the vast holding, as well as protect the people past times divine right, until the side past times side game begins. 
After her brother’s choke Ceana is named laird. The alone agency for her clan to locomote the ravages of the Highlands is to bring together inwards the state of war games. Bastard boy of a powerful earl, Macrath is placed inwards the games past times his vengeful stepmother. He must locomote for the ultimate retribution. 
Ceana can’t afford to similar the formidable, captivating, Highlander who seems to live next her, as well as all the same she can’t look to walk away. Macrath wants zero to a greater extent than than to protect the enchanting warrior lass, simply doing as well as then may teach far the agency of his postulate for revenge. What starts out equally a race to locomote turns into passion to suffer together. 
The Love Story as well as Struggles locomote along inwards the minute book! 
Pre lodge forthwith for Jan 29, 2015 release!

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