Killing Bigfoot Cast Members Shouted at During Honobia Bigfoot Conference

“Killing Bigfoot” Cast Members got verbal tomatoes thrown at them 

“I know a lot of people withdraw heed ‘Killing Bigfoot,’ it’s bad, in addition to everybody hates us in addition to nosotros teach a lot of loathe mail.” –Barry Schockemoehl; Killing Bigfoot sort member

The Effington Daily News (EDN) is reporting on roughly hostility towards the sort members of Killing Bigfoot. The TV demonstrate airs on the Destination America network amongst the tagline, “The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization is determined to hunt in addition to kill a Bigfoot to show to Science in addition to the world- that the creatures are real.” 
To kill or non to kill is an ongoing debate that, nosotros feel, is putting the cart earlier the horse. Don’t nosotros demand to discovery bigfoot first? Although roughly would fighting that bigfoot gets shot or killed almost every four years. The biggest declaration against trying to kill 1 to forbid mis-identification. In other words you lot improve hold upward certain it is non an upright walking human when you lot describe the trigger. Even the Chewbacca histrion needed protection from hunters.
EDN reports on the hostility betwixt the Killing Bigfoot sort in addition to the Honobia Bigfoot Conference attendees:

Michael Humphreys, a “Killing Bigfoot” sort fellow member from rural Talihina, Oklahoma, said, “These things tin privy teach extremely aggressive. I don’t similar them scaring the kids.” He said his daughter, his niece in addition to nephews were terrorized.

Producers from “Killing Bigfoot” videotaped spell the sort took questions.

Some audience members agreed Lancaster could defend against an aggressive Bigfoot. Others peppered him amongst questions almost why killing is necessary amongst a rare, elusive species, in addition to why they hunt amongst bullets instead of cameras, or tranquilizer darts. Some asked questions almost illegal beast abuse in addition to killing a part-human.

“Who made you lot God, to kill an beast similar that?” shouted 1 homo inwards the audience. “You’re non God.”

When asked how closed he’d come upward to killing a Bigfoot, Lancaster replied, “Close.”

“Just fearfulness based on zero is non a argue to kill,” 1 audience fellow member called. “You accept to accept a basis.”
Some verbal fireworks may accept been for the boob tube cameras, merely the hostility degree became intense every bit audience questions continued

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