Movie Casting for MY LADY VIPER

Every author dreams of their majority beingness made into a motion painting or telly series, together with I am definitely 1 of those writers! Even to a greater extent than flattering is the publish of readers who’ve told me they would dear to run across MY LADY VIPER made into a movie. Watching the characters I’ve bled, elbow grease together with cried over would live amazing!

If the cinema rights were purchased past times a production company, this is who I’d propose for the principal characters… (Historical figure pics on the left, Hollywood casting on the right).

Anne “Stanhope” Seymour–Lady Viper — played past times Lena Headey

Edward Seymour–Anne’s married adult man together with blood brother to Queen Jane Seymour–played past times Eric Bana

Anthony Browne–Anne’s lover together with a courtier inwards Henry VIII’s court–played past times Henry Cavill

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey–my villain, Anne’s tormenter–played past times Oliver Coleman


King Henry VIII–played past times Kevin McKidd

Queen Jane Seymour–played past times Rebecca Ferguson

My Lady Viper is available for buy directly inwards print/ebook (audio coming this summer!).

May, 1536. The Queen is dead. Long alive the Queen.

When Anne Boleyn falls to the executioner’s ax on a mutual depression temperature jump morning, silent to a greater extent than or less other Anne vows she volition hold out inwards the snake-pit courtroom of Henry VIII. But at what cost?
Lady Anne Seymour knows her menage unit of measurement hangs past times a thread. If her sister-in-law Jane Seymour cannot laissez passer the King a son, she volition live executed or laid upward aside, together with her menage unit of measurement amongst her. Anne throws herself into the deadly together with intoxicating intrigue of the Tudor court, determined at whatever cost to run across the novel queen’s matrimony a success together with the Seymour menage unit of measurement elevated to supreme power. But Anne’s machinations volition earn her a reputation equally a viper, together with she must receive upward one’s heed if her family’s ascent is worth the loss of her ain soul…